Whether you’re an alum, student, fan, faculty or staff member, you are part of what makes UCF the amazing place it is to live, learn, work and play! Spread the word about UCF Day of Giving by updating your profile photo, posting special-edition graphics and sharing your excitement across your social media accounts. Celebrate with the rest of Knight Nation using #UCFDayofGiving.

Profile Picture

Update your profile picture to show your support for all things Black & Gold on UCF Day of Giving.

Step 1: Download the profile picture.

Step 2: Set the image as your profile picture across your social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn).

Sample Captions for Social Media

Here are some caption ideas for you to use. Feel free to customize them by platform or personalize it with your own story!

Before April 13:

  • Bounce. Stomp. Cheer! #UCFDayofGiving is almost here! Let’s make a splash together on April 13 🎉 dayofgiving.ucf.edu
  • A celebration of Knight Nation – count me in! Mark your calendar for #UCFDayofGiving on April 13 🗓 dayofgiving.ucf.edu
  • Are you up for some friendly competition? On #UCFDayofGiving, donors can win challenges that unlock thousands in bonus funds for their favorite area of UCF. Take a look 👀 dayofgiving.ucf.edu
  • Fun Fact: organizations like U.S. News & World Report use alumni giving as a metric for ranking the best colleges. Since I went to THE best college, I’m giving back on April 13 to help us climb those rankings! #UCFDayofGiving

On UCF Day of Giving:

  • It’s #UCFDayofGiving… let’s BOUNCE together, Knights! dayofgiving.ucf.edu
  • Bounce. Stomp. Splash. Cheer! #UCFDayofGiving is finally here 🎉 dayofgiving.ucf.edu
  • We’re GO for launch! #UCFDayofGiving is here, and today I’m supporting @UCF because (fill in the blank with your own reason). Join me! Give now 💛 dayofgiving.ucf.edu
  • Challenge Accepted! I’m participating in the (fill in the blank) challenge today – let’s win those bonus funds for (@tag the area you support).
  • When you give to @UCF, you help enhance the reputation of our university. Let’s go all-in today for #UCFDayofGiving! dayofgiving.ucf.edu
  • Climb the leaderboard 🤝 Rise the ranks! Every gift on #UCFDayofGiving shows the world what Knights can do. Give now ⚔️ dayofgiving.ucf.edu

Who should I tag?


  • #UCFDayofGiving
  • #ChargeOn





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We’ve got everything from social media to hourly and all-day challenges for you to participate in and get your favorite area bonus funds on UCF Day of Giving! Don’t forget to check them out in advance and plan some friendly competition!